Helping to Shape Society

Waikato-based Tiny Nation nanny, Georgia Prendergaast, was looking for a career with purpose, a role that would make a difference to others and society. She has found that purpose in nannying, where she creates connections, inspires passion and helps shape strong, confident and empathetic young citizens. It’s a role that she recommends to others who wish to develop their professional and life skills, who would like to do something meaningful and have a significant impact on future generations. It is also a role that’s in great demand in the region, and across New Zealand, as families seek more personalised education, lower ratios and more intuitive care for their children.

Georgia believes that more people, who have a natural inclination to care for others and make a difference, should consider nannying as a profession. It’s a role that can have a huge impact on individuals and the community as a whole.

There is something unique and special about caring for young children,” she says. “I am empowered to help children develop and grow, it’s an incredibly rewarding feeling. I help build their confidence and give them the very best start in life. It is a unique opportunity to instil values and provide fundamentals that will help them as they grow. It’s rewarding to think that I equip them with skills at the start of their learning journey and that’s something that will propel them into the future and help shape who they will be and what they will achieve.”

Called to be a Part of a Village

As the eldest in her family, Georgia was often called upon to help care for her siblings. Now she enjoys the call to be a part of others’ whānau and a wider village. Georgia began with the Radich family – caring for their twins and is now helping to raise their youngest daughter. As a part of the family, she continues to support the elder girls as they approach school-age. ‘My girls’, as she affectionately calls them, give Georgia a sense of belonging and accomplishment, she looks forward to seeing them enter this next educational chapter and build on the foundations that she helped develop.

Tiny Nation nanny, Georgia Prendergaast, as part of the Radich family whānau, at their home in the Waikato.
The relationships and connections that are made from being welcomed into a family are hard to put into words,” Georgia explains. “The strong bonds I have formed drive me to do the very best job I can. My focus is on a family and their small group of children, my time isn’t split, and I’m not torn in different directions, I can be there for their every need. It’s amazing to see them blossom. I can identify, plan and be part of the whole learning process, I don’t think there can be many teaching opportunities where that is the case.”

As a nanny, Georgia is a valued extension of the Radich family, who says “We love having Georgia look after our children. As working parents, we don’t have to rush to get them out of the door each morning. She picks up where we left off and she helps them continue with their day. The children get to stay at home in their environment, while also being able to attend a range of activities available in our community. Georgia is also able to tailor the day to their needs, be flexible and encourage their interests”.

The Freedom to Teach – Naturally

A benefit of a home-based role is the freedom that Georgia feels daily. Not confined to a desk or walls, she has the flexibility to take the children out and about in the community, to explore and discover the world – naturally. “I like to be in touch with nature,” Georgia says. “I love being able to introduce the children to the environment and encourage them to respect it. We enjoy bush walks and learn about the world around us, we chat about everything we see – the plants growing, the bees, the butterflies. There is very little preventing us from taking every opportunity to go out to learn.”

Georgia also loves to be creative and describes herself as feeling inspired as she watches the children express themselves, she gains a fresh perspective every time they tackle a task. “It brings out my inner-child! I love being on the same level as them and see how they approach something for the first time. Often what they create is something I would never have thought of myself! It goes to show the importance of child-led play.”

The Support of a Community

When finding a home-based provider, Georgia explains that it’s important to find a provider that you connect with and feel supported by. “It’s a personal role and journey – being in someone’s home and caring for their children. So, it’s important that you feel valued for what you do. I feel that I have the guidance I need through Tiny Nation, I know that my Visiting Teacher, Michelle, is right there if I need anything.” Likewise, Michelle couldn’t speak more highly of Georgia, describing her as “Epic!” Going on to say, “She goes above and beyond for her whānau.”

Georgia would like to help continue the growth of the Tiny Nation movement in the Waikato region and encourage others to follow their passion. She has enjoyed networking and socialising with other educators and nannies and would love to share the experience with others.

I don’t feel like I am working on my own, there is a whole community of Tiny Nation educators and nannies out there, ready to take others under their wing, it’s a very positive and nurturing community. I’m trying to convince the right people to discover Tiny Nation and to explore nannying as a career option. I think I have an infectious enthusiasm for the work that I do! What isn’t there to love about forming unique bonds and having a job that involves an incredible amount of heart and passion? It’s a rare opportunity to do something meaningful and help shape society.”

If you are passionate about supporting New Zealand’s tiniest citizens fulfil their greatest potential, then Tiny Nation has the nannying career path for you. We work with incredible individuals looking for temporary and long-term employment. We run a Nanny School that supports aspiring nannies without experience and qualifications to train, whilst earning. And we work with experienced, qualified teachers and nannies, offering continued professional learning and development opportunities, and the benefits of the Tiny Nation – Nanny Nation programme.

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